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in the name of King Jesus to the online presence of New Life Presbyterian Church of the Bayshore Community. New Life is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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Quote of the Week

Some to call to pray, some to make your day,
some for the matter gray, and some for your need for play.

A quick preliminary glossary:

A-GNOSTIC — denies knowledge of whether or not there is a deity
A-THEIST — categorically denies the existence of a deity
DEIST — forms his own idea of a deity.

All three of these philosophies, originating in the human mind, are actually DENIALS of the one true God! Why? Because He is not "a deity;" He is not the intellectual ping pong ball of philosophers and their endless wranglings.

He is the Lord God Who has made knowledge of (not merely His existence) but His eternal power and divine nature inescapable to every human being. The reason for all these and other denials of God is not rooted in any failure on His part to make Himself known, but in man's natural antipathy toward his rightful Sovereign...his inexcusable refusal to own and honor his Creator.

The reason human beings have that natural antipathy, and the cure for it, are also revealed by that one true God: through His word of truth, the glorious pinnacle of which is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ: the Word incarnate, the sinless, crucified, risen, and ascended Lord of glory!

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