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in the name of King Jesus to the online presence of New Life Presbyterian Church of the Bayshore Community. New Life is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

New Life Church is dissolving as a congregation. Although sorrowful, the pastor and members have great hope in Christ as we look to the future. Our last worship service is scheduled for September 4.

Please consider joining us that day especially if you are a former member or attender.

You can click HERE for the order of worship for that final service. The paper version to be made available that morning will have more information

Please click HERE for previous worship service bulletins, sermons, sermon outlines, and weekly "Gleanings."

New Life's pulpit ministry is also available on...


The SermonAudio site will be taken down in September A.D. 2016 Click here for an archive of audio sermons, sermon outlines, and previous worship service bulletins

Please click HERE for an archive of essays and other writings of the pastor.

Quote of the Week

Some to call to pray, some to make your day,
some for the matter gray, and some for your need for play.

"The question 'how do you know X?' is not the same question as 'Is X is true or false?' One man has been taught that Papua New Guinea exists, and is persuaded that it does. Another man has absolutely no knowledge that there such a place on Earth.

One man has come to the knowledge of its existence, and another has not yet attained this knowledge. Neither the first man's knowledge nor the second man's ignorance determine whether or not Papua New Guinea exists! Invite a skeptic of the faith's truth claims to concentrate on the question itself, not on how you know the answer to it."

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